The sustainable generation

NXT Nordic – the Nordic region’s most important conference for e-commerce and digitalisation of commerce will be moved to 2022.

27 APRIL 2022, OSLO

Ehandel, who is behind the event, now announces that it has been decided on a new date for the event. NXT – The Future of Commerce is the conference that brings together Norwegian e-commerce every year since the start in 2014 and which due to the pandemic has been moved to April 27, 2022.


Siri Norhagen

Country Sustainability Manager at IKEA Norway

Siri Norhagen has a brand- and marketing background from creative- and media agencies, and from SAS Scandinavian Airlines. She also has 10 years experience working at IKEA in several roles within marketing, communication, customer engagement, business development and sustainability.


CEO at Stormberg AS

Hege Nilsen Ekberg is the CEO of Stormberg AS and has more than 13 years experience within e-commerce, branding and communication.

Emma Lythell

Vice President of Global Sales at Bambuser

Emma Lythell has more than 10 years of international experience from B2B Sale and e-commerce within retail and fashion. CEO and founder of performance marketing firm Dot Sure, Chief Commercial Officer at Flattered and Head of International Sales at PJ Salvage (division of Delta Galil US).

Natasha Abbas Jankovic and Alvin Dammann Leer

Founder & Sales Director and Co Founder & CEO at Packoorang

Natasha has a long background from sales & recruitment, educated as a health worker, she founded Packoorang in 2020. Alvin is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor. Sustainability has remained a career theme for him, from honing his skills at the global NGO, WWF to studying social entrepreneurship in Boston and then co-founding two impact startups. D. Leer has held positions across three continents, as an editor and independent consultant for companies such as Innovation Norway, Adecco and WWF. His educational background includes Communication, Behavior Change and Social Entrepreneurship.

Conference schedule

  • Before noon
  • Afternoon

7.45 AM

Doors open – Welcome the Spektrum

8.45 AM

Welcome to NXT – The Sustainable Generation


The Way forward is circular

Siri Norhagen – Acting Sustainability Manager at IKEA Norway

IKEA has a goal of becoming 100% circular and climate positive by 2030. What would it take us to get there, and what we have learned so far?


Parallel sessions


Making the world a better place

Hege Nilsen Ekberg – CEO at Stormberg AS

Sustainability is a part of Stormberg ́s DNA and it is reflected in our business strategies, our values and in our daily practices. We care about people, and we want to run a company with as little negative influence on our environment as possible. Sustainability for us, means that we have to be on the search all the time to find better and more sustainable solutions.


Lunch sessions

The agenda is subject to slight changes.


Shoppertainment will be part of everyone’s e-com strategy

Emma Lythell – Vice President of Global Sales, Bambuser

Live Video Shopping accelerated rapidly in the western world when the physical space was forced to temporary shot down. But what will happen when we are now opening up. Was this just something we did to survive e or will this now be part of the eco-system like all other tools we use online to enhance the experience. Listen to Emma Lythell who has been part of the expanding journey of Bambuser, a market leading provider for Live Video Shopping in the western hemisphere.




Nordic profile of the year 2020


Sustainable packing and growing e-commerce

Natasha Abbas Jankovic – Founder & Sales Director and Alvin Dammann Leer – Founder and CEO at Packoorang

We are going to discuss how the increasing e-commerce is going to affect our carbon footprint, what companies can do to make sure they save money with a long-term solution whilst they facilitate for consumers who increasingly are demanding sustainable deliveries.

4 PM

Thank you!

Round up of the event and time to mingle some more. 


The NXT Dinner

You will need a dinner ticket to attend, limited number of dinner tickets available. 

The agenda is subject to slight changes.

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Our ambition with the event is to create a one-stop-shop for everyone working in commerce. 

At NXT Nordic you will get the latest insights and news on all things concerning the commerce industry. You will also get the opportunity to increase your own network by meeting people within your field. But most importantly you will be presented with new innovations and ideas that can take your business to the next level.


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