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Moderators Sïmon Saneback, Caroline Grønvold & Johanna Allhorn welcomes you to the event.

09.10AM – TIKTOK AND NEW COMMUNICATIONS – CLICK here to watch the talk

Anitha Clemence – CMO/Brand Manager at KidsBrandStore
Anitha will talk about TikTok, the app owned by Chinese ByteDance that has passed 900 million downloads, of which more than 500 million downloads have taken place since February 2019 alone, when they merged with Musical.ly.

Terje Aarbog – CEO at DHL Express (Norway)

One of the most important factors for e-commerce is of course, shipping. Not only does it have a strong influence of the degree of customer satisfaction based on the speed, quality and flexibility of the services offered, it could also unlock the potential of the expanding global marketplace. 2 billion shoppers online and 60% of them shop cross-border. With global and local presence, DHL Express can offer choice, convenience, control and quality, but most important support growth by opening up new markets for both merchants and consumers. Terje will give an overview of the latest e-commerce trends with global express shipping as a differentiator.



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ADYEN – Retail change and payments trends. What we learned during 2020?

2020 was the year that everything changed. Adyen invites you to a chat about Norwegian retail in 2020 together with payments expert Terje Larsen, previously at Elkjøp and now at PwC. In this fireside chat we’ll explore how contactless payments have grown during the pandemic, how mobile customer journeys can make retail safer and more resilient, as well as how Norway is equipped to handle the phasing out of 3D Secure 1. Moderator: Katarina Nordin, Head of Marketing Nordics & Baltics at Adyen, with guest Terje Larsen – Director Financial Services at PwC.


DHL EXPRESS Power Up your Potential: Take e-commerce to the next level with DHL Express.

E-commerce is growing and fast. It’s powered by consumers who are changing the way the world shops. People are increasingly shopping online – in fact over 16 billion devices are online right now – and they are looking for ways to shop quickly, conveniently, with reliable shipping, and they want their purchases instantly. When the whole world is your marketplace, you need a worldwide express partner. DHL Express gives you the opportunity no matter what type of online store you have – large or small. Let’s maximize the opportunity global e-commerce provides. Tap into this global opportunity and partner up with an express service that fully comprehends your e-commerce needs. Johan Wahnström – Head of Key Account at DHL Express.


COGNIZANT – How Retail Transformation Enables Success

We focus on giving you an extensive overview with concrete tips, and deep insights on how to move your customer experience and business forward. The session will contain talks, panel discussion and Q&A. Moderator: Stina Birkeland. Speakers: Euan Davis, Allan Borre Ingwersen, Kristian Sonnenberg and Kjell Reenskaug (part of the panel discussion).

Petter Høie – Client Partner and Vertical Lead Retail for Facebook

As we see shift in shopping behaviour towards more digital commerce and a mobile centric consumer business needs to follow and act on these trends. At the same time the digital industry and technology is developing fast, data are becoming more central and consumer privacy is a priority. How do Facebook develop towards these trends and an ongoing evolving ad industry? 

12pm – lunch
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David Hejgaard – Head of Nordics at Zalando

As the Starting Point for Fashion in Europe, Zalando’s scale and technology are strong enablers to take the lead in building the connections needed to transform the industry. Improving the business is one part, but it will also mean reaching further; right across the value chain.

Last year, Zalando launched its most ambitious sustainability strategy yet: do.MORE,  with the vision to be a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet. Since then, the company has become carbon-neutral in its own operations, deliveries, and returns. 

In his keynote, David Hejgaard, Head of Nordics, will elaborate on how Zalando will push through tough conventions and tackle sustainability challenges head-on. 

Emma Lythell – Chief Revenue Officer at Bambuser

Emma will talk about Live Video Shopping as a phenomenon, the possibilities with this technology and how the new purchasing power generation ”Gen Z” shops online.


Please visit our Digital Expo or /and take the chance to network with other participants. See Digital Expo Agenda here. 

2.50pm – How CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR HAS CHANGED – Click here to watch the talk

Emma Hallerstedt – Industry Head Retail at Google

Emma will talk about how consumer behaviour has changed the past months and what will be important to drive a successful business going forward. She will share insights Google has from their search data, mobility reports and consumer behaviour studies conducted during the spring.

3.15pm – NXT Nordic Profile Of The Year 2020
3.45pm – Thank you!

Round up of the event.

Our Speakers

Emma Hallerstedt
Industry Head Retail at Google

Emma has been at Google since 2012 with the mission to help their clients take advantage of digital technology to grow their business as well as helping them succeed in a global competitive market. As Industry Head she leads the business for the Retail industry in Sweden for Google Ads. Before joining Google she spent 6 years at Schibsted in different positions.

David Hejgaard_Zalando_landscape (2)
David Hejgaard
Head of Nordics at Zalando

David joined Zalando in 2018 and is responsible for the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets. David has a background in consulting from McKinsey and has built up significant digital and omni-channel experience through extensive work in both offline retail and e-commerce.

Anitha Clemence
CMO/Brand Manager at KidsBrandStore

Educated Communicator and Creative Director with a public career of tv-shows and podcast. At the moment CMO/Brand Manager at KidsBrandStore.

Emma Lythell
Emma Lythell
Chief Revenue Officer at Bambuser

Emma Lythell has over 10+ experience of building brands and driving sales in both wholesale and D2C. In 2017, Emma founded the digital media agency Dot Sure, which in a short time gained great trust in the Swedish fashion and beauty industry. Among their clients are customers such as Indiska, Clarins, House of Dagmar, Svenska Brasserier and many more. In April 2020, Emma took on the role as Chief Revenue Officer at the listed, fast-growing, live video shopping company Bambuser.


Terje Aarbog
CEO at DHL Express (Norway)

With a global network in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, DHL is the most international company in the world. Backed by our strong network, full range of shipping services and our experience, we make it simple to ship cross borders, reach new markets and grow your business. Terje has over 25 years of logistics industry experience and 15 of those in DHL Express Norway.

Petter Høie
Client Partner and Vertical Lead Retail for Facebook

Petter work as Client Partner and Vertical Lead Retail for Facebook where he helps Norwegian Retail business developing strategy and execution towards Facebooks platforms. He have worked at Facebook for 10+ years and in the Norwegian digital marketing industry for almost 20.

Moderator at NXT: Johanna Allhorn
Chief Editor of Ehandel

Johanna Allhorn is the Chief Editor of Ehandel, the largest E-commerce Magazine in the Nordics with more than 200 000 monthly readers. The site was founded in 2009 and covers the Nordic as well as the international e-commerce industry. Johanna has a background as a journalist with previous employers including the Swedish news channels SVT and TV4. After five years at Ehandel she has become an expert on the ever-changing environment that is the world of commerce.

cg profil
Moderator at NXT: Caroline Grønvold
VP Concept & Innovation at Hurtigruten

Carolina has extensive experience in business development within eCom and concept development. Passionate about development and innovation and dedicated to the consumer experience. 10 years of experience in eCommerce from Bring where she was leading the development of e-commerce concepts and services along the customer value chain. From CRM to warehousing, logistics and digital recipient services including Partner Collaboration eComm. She was also responsibility for the eCommerce Advisory Board


Arnt Eriksen
Creative Strategist / Author

Arnt Eriksen started his career as Art Director in an advertising agency over twenty years ago, with a degree in graphic design. Since then, he has worked hard and passionately in virtually every industry category with marketing, advertising and communications. He started as Art Director to Creative Director in Nordic agencies, then Chief Innovation Officer Executive Creative Director for global agencies such as DDB and Ogilvy and now works as a creative strategist where he assists Nordic and global customers reach their brand and marketing goals.

Moderator at NXT: Sïmon Saneback
Tech Entrepreneur

Sïmon Saneback is an award-winning tech entrepreneur with substantial experience in e-commerce and a frequent keynote speaker around Europe. Sïmon, who started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, is founding partner of Wellstreet, a Stockholm-based venture capital firm, and has been recognized as Sweden’s Startup Investor of the Year in 2018 by SUP46 at Swedish Startup Gala and again in 2019 by Nordic Startup Awards. Sïmon has previously run several online stores and been part of the Advisory Board for Klarna, Bambuser, PostNord, Bring (Posten Norge), OKQ8 and Hemtex, among others.


Adyen Partner Session
Terje Larsen - Director Financial Services at PwC

Terje has a long track record within payments and business development. The journey started in 2010 with mobile banking and mobile payments in DNB in the same department where Vipps was born. Then moving on to the merchant side, optimizing the checkout and payment experience on the webshop of one of the biggest retailers in the Nordic. Terje also worked on the team crafting the customer experience strategy for a new unified commerce experience, where payments play a part to enable a seamless customer experience regardless of touchpoint. Currently Terje work as Director Financial Services in PwC, helping retailers navigate the increasingly complex payment space and create great customer experiences.

Adyen Partner Session
Katarina Nordin - Head of Marketing Nordics & Baltics

Katarina joined Adyen in 2018 and heads up marketing and communications in the Nordics & Baltics. Adyen handles payments online, in-store and in-app on a single platform. Before joining the world of fintech, Katarina worked in advertising at Ogilvy London.

DHL Partner Session
Johan Wahnström - Head of Key Account at DHL Express

Johan has a solid background in upselling, B2B and B2C sales and sales management.14 years of experience in international express business. Leading the e-commerce development and the Key Account team in DHL Express since 4 years.

Focus on and supporting Norwegian webshops to go international, reaching their true potential and optimizing their customers experience all the way to delivery.


Stina Birkeland
Cognizant Partner Session
Stina Birkeland - Head of Retail, Cognizant

Stina is leading the retail sector in Cognizant focusing on new markets crossing all Cognizant service Lines including IOT, Analytics and Artificial intelligence, e-commerce and Customer experience to mention some of them. With an extensive background in digitalization, IT Technology and business, Stina is helping customers create value and leveraging the Cognizant global experiences.

Stina will be moderating the session.

Cognizant Partner Session
Kjell Reenskaug - Head of Experience and Design Nordics, Cognizant Digital Business

Kjell Reenskaug joined Cognizant in 2020 as the Head of Experience and Design in the Nordics. Kjell has more than 20 years of experience in working with design driven innovation, design leadership, service and interaction design and design strategy, and has been awarded more than 30 Norwegian and International design awards including 10 times the Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council/DOGA, the European Design Awards and The IxDA awards.

Kjell will be part of the panel discussion, sharing his expert opinions.

Kristian Sonnenberg
Cognizant Partner Session
Kristian Sonnenberg - Director Digital Strategy & Business Development, Widerøe AS

Kristian is heading Widerøe’s digital efforts to become more customer-centric and data driven. Over the last 5 years, he has played a vital part in reshaping the landscape of CRM-, Business Intelligence- and E-Commerce solutions. To Kristian, continuous testing and evaluation, is the key to achieve high customer satisfaction and beneficial commercial outcomes.  From November, Kristian will become the new CTO of VITA.

Widerøe, the little airline that could

In 2016, SAS completed the sale of regional airline Widerøe. Faced with the task of autonomously promoting and selling the product, Widerøe outlined a new customer-centric digital strategy, leading up to the launch of their new E-Commerce- and CRM platform. Learn more about Widerøe’s digital journey, and how the new platform enabled them to take an offensive approach the rapid changing markets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cognizant Partner Session
Allan Borre Ingwersen - Design Lead, Cognizant

Allan has a long experience with optimizing both B2B and B2C E-commerce sites, focusing on being customer centric and at the same time focus on business needs and goals. Allan has been a key player in forming the customer experience strategy for one of the biggest retailers in the Nordic. With focus on transforming it from a traditional brick and mortar retailer to an omni-channel retailer, that uses new technologies to create great customer experiences and to archive commercial goals.

 Personalization – Means to make it happen

Customers expects relevant and personalized experiences, but how do retailers get started on this? What is important to focus on, and what are the possibilities for your business goals? In a fast-paced changing world, we need to rethink the way we do business. The strategies that worked in the past, might not be relevant anymore. So, where do we go from here? What commercial strategies do we take in the digital era? Let’s find out!

euan davis
Cognizant Partner Session
Euan Davis - VP Center for the Future of Work, EMEA Cognizant

Euan is a long standing expert in the business and IT services landscape. A respected speaker and thinker, Euan has guided many Fortune 500 firms into the dynamics surrounding business, technology and sourcing with his thought provoking research and advisory skills. The Center for the Future of Work examines how work is changing in response to the emergence of new technologies, new business practices and new workers.

The Covid Shock – What Now?

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, companies faced an unprecedented series of shocks. Customer needs and behaviors switched as towns and cities emptied of people and workplaces shut down. Business models, operating and technology models all struggled as the disruption intensified. Retailers had to rapidly innovate with “try-before-you-buy” services and curbside pickup rocketing as a result of the virus, even among new demographics such as senior citizens. Many retailers are now reviewing the amount of physical store space they will need when the virus recedes. Join Cognizant as we provide a picture of the work ahead.

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