Learn how to succeed on this year’s Black Friday

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Sponsored Content: Are you ready for the changes coming to your industry on this year’s Black Friday? Prepare yourself with the 2020 Black Friday forecast from Channable.

This year, Black Friday is going to stand out from what we have seen before. With social distancing regulations still being in effect, it is crucial for every retailer to have a strong eCommerce presence. In other words, no sales should be overlooked or lost due to the sheer volume of demand and competition online.

According to Adobe Analytics, the sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to increase with 20% in 2020 when you compare it with the same period from 2019.

If you combine this with a recent survey conducted by Wells Fargo, where 70% of consumers responded that they did not plan to return to stores in the foreseeable future, it is clear to expect that this year’s Black Friday will be nothing like we have ever seen before.



So, what does social distancing then mean for your business?

Well, if you look at it completely traditionally, this hectic consumer holiday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US and runs from the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 27th until the end of Cyber Monday, November 30th.

Even though the history stems from the US, you can easily conclude that the Scandinavians have adopted this phenomenon and accepted it as one of their own. Both retailers and e-tailers will be offering discounts from the beginning of the week, running to the end of Cyber Monday. However, this year things will be different. With social distancing being the talk of the hour, retailers will be forced to rethink their entire strategy to succeed on this year’s main event.

Taking Covid-19 into account, online shopping has already increased impressingly 59%, when comparing this point of time with last year. The consumer confidence regarding buying online is higher than ever before, meaning it is the perfect timing for retailers to maximize their online presence to capture and win over some sales this season.

With the increased competition this year, it is expected that consumers will be exposed for more ads than ever before. To stand out, retailers would be looking towards data feed automation tools such as Channable . Using a tool like Channable you can ensure that your promotions are targeting the right consumers at the right time, and sales are not being lost or overlooked due to the sheer volume of demand and competition.

I’ve set up 1 account with Channable’s PPC tool that so far contains 16,000 ad groups and 32,000 keywords. Managing that manually would be impossible.

Christian Haraldsen, Online Performance Specialist at Komplett


Where consumers are expected to spend on Black Friday

When looking at trends as to where consumers plan on purchasing this holiday season, Electronics & Technology still lead in terms of interest and sales. However, other markets such as Fashion & Apparel, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden and Sporting Goods will also be popular at this year’s main event.

With social distancing regulations still being in effect, the competition for customers will this year be extra fierce. Channable has taken the courtesy to create a forecast that includes all the changes, challenges, and trends within each of the popular industries. Do you want to get the latest tips and solutions to succeed on this year Black Friday? If so, then click the link below, fill out your information on the page and then download the Black Friday 2020 forecast .


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